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Using the water activator RASKON in livestock we get:
  • Animals prefer activated water and drink larger amounts.
  • The immune system of animals that drink activated water is stable, which reduces veterinary costs. 
  • Especially old animals become more vital.
  • Animals get more beautiful skin and become more balanced.
  • Watering troughs and drinking troughs remain free of algae.
  • Milk tastes better.
  • Reduction of medicines.
  • Increased milk production in cows.
Benefits of the water activator for laying hens RASKON.
  • Increases production by more than 5%.
  • Strengthens egg shells, reduces breakage by 30%.
  • Improves the structure of the white, making it more consistent.
  • Increases the hen’s defensive system reducing the number of weekly deaths.
  • It is not necessary to supplement the feed in the final stage for old hens.
  • The hens are calmer.
  • The odour of the manure is considerably reduced.


Animal husbandry (Germany)

References from a farmer in Germany after using the water activators for one year: about 2 to 3 weeks after the installation of the technology, the cell count increases, but there are no udder inflammations.

As a result, milk production increases significantly a few days later. The cows are encouraged to consume more water.

In general, cows look healthier and are more resistant to stress. Food intake is higher.

Cows are more lively before and after calving without dietary supplements, warm water, etc. They recover much faster from calving due to the increased consumption of water and food – even after a twin calving!

There are fewer cases of retained placenta and milk fever. Veterinary interventions are considerably reduced (min. 60 %). Fewer antibiotics.

In 2017 not a single case of abomasum displacement.

Sick cows (e.g. diarrhoea) recover faster, even without veterinary care.

Higher cure rate for puncture wounds, hoof ulcers, etc. After childbirth they go into heat sooner.

Higher pregnancy rate.

Inhibitor tests for udder inflammation are usually satisfactory after 1.5 to 2 days with a waiting period of 6 days.

If the infectious disease “Mortellaro’s disease” is under control, the hooves are healthier.

Increase in milk production of about 200 litres per animal per year.

Agricultural and livestock holding (France)

We are a family business in the third generation and are currently members of the Velleneuve GAEC (La Grande Metairie de Velleneuve) Farming and Livestock Association.   

The main business is based on milk production and partly also on the cultivation of cereals.   

We supply the Servas dairy, which requires top quality milk for the production of its blue cheese “Bresse Bleu”.   

Since the installation of the OZEALE water activator we have been able to verify that the results of the quality tests are – with great difference – better than before.   

The quality of the milk continues to improve because the leukocytes have lost mobility and the proportion of fat and protein in the milk remains constant.   

We also observed in our cattle herd that compared to previous years without the water activator, we now see an increase in milk production of approximately 1.5 litres per day.   

Today we see that milk is preserved for much longer. In addition, the cows are calmer.  

They used to be more elusive and now you could say they are looking for our closeness and that’s great.   

Since the installation of the activator, even the dairies are cleaner. Before we had to rub them with a scouring pad and use a lot of detergent to remove stubborn milk stains. Today, however, we only rinse them with water and let them dry. Considering that this milk machine has been used for 10 months, it is still very clean. Since the installation of the activator the layers of algae in the water have disappeared, the water is cleaner and our animals drink a lot more. The consistency of the cheese can no longer be compared, it looks much more palatable and has an exquisite taste. The cheese is soft, less sour and much creamier – a cheese that has been transformed and, moreover, for good!   

The water activator does not require electricity and the water is not poured into the canalisation – a completely ecological and sustainable process.   

To conclude, we would like to emphasize that we have no regrets whatsoever for having made this investment.



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