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Water activation is a process in which we use the natural and implosive shear of water to return it to its natural state – original with all its unique properties of healing spring water – with reduced surface tension, soft and bioenergetically strong.

After activation, the water has the following advantages:

1) Protection of the entire plumbing system and related machinery – it is the only product in the world that keeps completely clean the pipes of lime, oxides and corrosion (desalinated water) even with very hard water (forever and without additional costs), also keeps the pipes free of the formation of bio-films, which are related to Legionella problems.

2) Greater savings with hot water in boilers, as the activator produces water with a reduced surface tension, is very fine and soft (regardless of the amount of calcium or sodium in liquid given) which heats faster, maintains the temperature for longer and improves the thermal conductivity compared to water from the network or desalination itself without activation.

3) Water quality is greatly improved (comparable to the best spring waters in the world). The activation of water is a process, which gives back to water the natural properties, which allow to improve the taste of any food product just by coming into contact with this water. ( ! a real explosion of flavors! )

4) Watering with activated water can save more than 20%. Plants retain more water in stems, leaves and fruits, grow healthier and are more resistant to pests and sudden changes in temperature. Higher rate of flowering and increased production in fruits and vegetables and as a consequence can reduce the use of fertilizer and fertilizers.

5) Based on the study of the German Institute of Electrobiophotonics, drinking activated water boosts the health index by more than 50% in humans and animals. We are 75% water, as a result, more health, well-being and balance.

Softening of the water, in swimming pools, spa (thermal circuits), laundries reduces the use of detergents or chemical products and conserves the machinery in its perfect state of maintenance, etc…

– The use of activated water in both industrial and private refrigeration/heating systems allows for better water conservation (it remains transparent and does not emit odours), which is necessary for its correct functioning.

– Proper circulatory use of the activator in ponds leads to the reduction of algae which results in the purification of irrigation water.

– The use of activated water in the purifying systems helps by activating waste to transform it into less toxic waste, which has an impact on the environment and human health.

All this with a single investment, no maintenance costs, no expiration date and more than twenty years of experience.



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